Ketch Up

Tomato is trapped among the prickly platforms moving up and down.
Kitchen knifes and saw blades are about to slice a peace out of him.

- Collecting Ketchup bottle - 1 point
- Collecting a slice of pizza - 3 points
- Delivering pizza slice into the box provides 5 points

So ketch up and keep the fella alive as long as you can.

Z / Horizontal swipe - switch side direction

SpaceBar / Tap - Jump




Framework: Phaser 3.16

Physics engine: Arcade


Play Ketch-Up against others & win cash!


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While I personally found the movement a bit on the difficult side at first it overall is a very nice game. It is a nice touch how it appears you have to go back down after reaching the top. Overall, a job well done!

Tnx for the constructive feedback Pnick0509
My aim was to have as less controls as possible thus i decided to toggle one button for side movement.
At first i made spiking platforms slide down but found out that game play was a bit linear so i decided to add another item to collect upon reaching the top or the bottom, to make it more challenging :)